Grove House Stables Equestrian centre delivers offers a range of equine facilitated intervention for children /young people who find mainstream lessons difficult or challenging on behalf of I-Pegasus CIC. This can be delivered in a one to one, one to two or small group environment which is structured in a manner to develop life skills.

The areas that we typically see development in our children/young people:

- Improved communication skills.

- Greater engagement in school activities.

- Improved behaviour in and out of the classroom.

- Improved peer relations.

- Improved self-control and strategies for managing anger and emotional issues.

- A willingness to challenge themselves and try new activities.

- The ability to transfer new skills to different areas of their lives.


Equine intervention can take the form of ridden or un-mounted handling and horse interaction, according to the needs of the group/individual and refer.


 The British Horse Society's Changing Lives through Horses Programme

Changing Lives through Horses is an educational and character building programme. Through the use of a flexible framework of activity, the programme will develop vital life skills that are required by the young person to succeed in education, employment and adult life.


The key skills that will be monitored throughout the programme are:

- Communication.

- Confidence.

- Relationships.

- Teamwork.

- Responsibility.

- Personal achievement.


The programme itself consists of ten BHS Achieve stable management awards, six BHS Achieve riding awards and a number of BHS Achieve skills. Each young person will receive a workbook that contains a learning resource for each award to support them through the tasks involved. A BHS Achieve certificate will be provided upon successful completion of each award.


The Achieve awards do not require any experience of working with horses or the outdoors; the young person simply has to show a desire to be in this environment. It is also not necessary for the young person to learn to ride as part of the programme, although this certainly is an option and has been a big attraction.


There is a detailed mapping document available which connects learning outcomes with the Changing Lives through Horses programme outcomes and the wider environment.


Each young person within the programme will have an individual outcome tracker to monitor the development of the six key life skills and enable the setting of realistic, individual and positive progression targets. They will also be asked to complete a well-being valuation survey (distance-travelled survey) at the beginning and end of the programme. This survey has been specifically tailored to measure the changes that have occurred within the participants’ social and emotional well-being.


The programme ensures opportunity for progression and personal achievement at regular intervals throughout. By allowing regular intervals for engagement and feedback between the equestrian centre, the school and the parents or guardians, there is ample opportunity for all parties to assist in the development of the young person or to suggest areas of suggest areas of focus and priority within the programme.


Referral Information

We provide a Service Level Agreement to use in conjunction with schools. There is also a detailed Participant Referral Form that ensures important information is shared between us and the school to highlight the individual needs of each young person. This allows for appropriate programme placement and ensures that those needs can be met at the centre.

It would be the school, parent or guardians responsibility to organise and cover the cost of transport to and from us for the duration of the programme.