Grove House Stables LLP offers a variety of lessons for riders with and without their own horse. It is a British Horse Society accredited riding school and training centre delivering a range of activities, courses and events for recreational, career and competitive riders within its purpose built indoor and outdoor facilities.

Download our current price listlesson flow chart, or contact our friendly Reception team on 01427 890802 or email to find out more.

Please take a look at our induction video which explains everything you need to know before your first lesson.

An important element of being an approved centre is ensuring that we operate an approved Health and Safety policy. This is something that we take very seriously, and we have an excellent record of safety at Grove House Stables. By choosing a BHS approved establishment you know you’ve chosen the best and you’ll be in safe hands.

Being an approved centre means:-

  • Health and Safety procedures are strictly adhered to.
  • We have a policy that is strictly adhered to of non-discrimination on any grounds.
  • We are fully licensed with the Local Authority.
  • We are fully insured for Public and Employees Liability.

Choose the best. Choose an establishment approved by the BHS.

We will do our utmost to keep you safe. However, horses and ponies may sometimes be unpredictable.

Our instructors all hold or are working towards qualifications within the BHS structure.

Your choice to ride is voluntary. We take care to provide suitable horses and ponies for customers but all animals are unpredictable.

We advise you take out full personal accident cover.

All equipment supplied is regularly checked and meets all recommended safety standards where applicable.

Health and Safety guidelines are prominently displayed and strictly adhered to at all times. We have procedures in place to minimise any risks to all who spend time with us at Grove House Stables Equestrian Centre, staff, spectators and clients.

All our staff and trainees are given training in safety procedures including what to do in the event of an accident or fire.

An incident book is kept at Grove House Stables for the recording of minor accidents or falls by staff, trainees and clients.

The Rider Registration Form allows us to ensure that you are aware and fully understand the policies and procedures at Grove House Stables. It also assists our instructors in providing the best advice to as to suitable groups and activities for you.

CANCELLATION POLICY Please click here to see how we will be running during COVID-19 restrictions.

CLOTHING – It is a good idea to bring a waterproof coat, as lessons continue regardless of the weather. If you have not ridden before, full length comfortable trousers, leggings or loose fitting jeans, boots or shoes with a small heel or wellies (no trainers which can slip through stirrups). Shoulders should be covered. Riding hats can be hired. However, after your first few lessons, it is a good idea to purchase your own hat which should be to a minimum standard P.A.S. 015 or B.S. E.N. 1384. It is also advisable to purchase proper riding boots and a body protector for jumping. All clients must wear a riding hat approved to current BHS Standard whenever participating in riding activities or leading horses. All clients are asked to wear suitable footwear and to wear gloves.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently have a 13st (83kg) weight limit – taken as riding weight with full riding clothing.

How to get involved...

1. Contact the Stables by telephone on 01427 890802


2. Discuss your goals with our team.


3. Initial Assessment Lesson.

(One to One lesson - just you and one of our instructors)

30 minute lesson £27

45 minute lesson £38

60 minute lesson £42

Please click here for the current Price List.

(We recommend 45 minutes or 60 minutes for adults and older children)

(We recommend 30 minutes for younger children)

This session will include a discussion of your goals and requirements.


4. We run a range of different lesson throughout the week.  Lessons run from 9am until 8pm Monday – Friday (Except on a Thursday which is the horses day off), 9am – 5pm on Saturdays and 9am – 4pm on Sundays.

Private Lessons start at £27 for a 30 minute session

Semi Private Lessons start at £24.50 per person for a 30 minute session

Group Lessons start at £14 for a 30 minute session



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