Riders who regularly ride at Grove House Stables LLP  will inevitably start thinking about having a horse of their own, especially those with limited time or equine knowledge are understandably wary of taking on such a commitment.  Grove House Stables LLP has designed a special first-step into horse-ownership to provide support whilst enabling you to realise your dream.


As your coaches we are in the position of knowing both your ability and the characteristics of our horses. Firstly we need to make as near perfect match as possible between the two.


Without the need for any capital investment, the agreed horse becomes yours on a lease-hire basis until one month’s notice is provided if you wish to cancel the arrangement.

There will be a 3 hour induction which will assess your ability, both in the saddle and on the ground.

3 day loan: Your chosen horse / Pony will be available to you for 3 days per week (a week excludes Thursday). The monthly fee is £300 per calendar month. The week includes:

- 3 class lessons per week. (Class lessons can be upgraded to private for £19)

- 20% off extra private lesson booked as well as your class lessons.


  1. What happens if your animal is unwell? - In the rare event of your horse being un-rideable, we will either offer an alternative horse, providing one is suitable, or we will suspend the Stablemates senior arrangement until the horse is well again.  All veterinary treatment is paid for by this business.
  2. Can two people share one pony? - One pony can have a 5 day loan or two 3 day loans.  Loan agreements are per rider and cannot be shared.  Only one loan owner can ride the pony each day.
  3. Which ponies are available for the GHS Horse Owners Experience scheme? - Please do the office and/or visit our website www.grovehousestables.co.uk and click on the “Available Horses” section under the “Horses for loan” dropdown. Here you will see all the available ponies with their photographs and details about them.
  4. What if I want to enter the Dressage and Show Jumping Competitions? - You will be able to enter our competitions at the rate of £11 per class.


Supervision? We provide supervised sessions with our staff for GHS Horse Owners Experience children of 12 years and under on both days of the weekend between 12 noon and 2 p.m.  Please always advise us when your child is participating and to retain a safe controlled environment these sessions are purely for the nominated child and cannot include siblings or friends.

Responsible adult For their own safety GHS Horse Owners Experience children of 12 years and under must have a responsible adult in attendance at all times, other than during lessons, supervision and activities organised by Grove House Stable LLPs.  

No doubt there are other questions you would like to ask and please feel free to do so without concern of commitment. GHS Horse Owners Experience is not about money, it is about a life-changing experience for you or your child in a safe, happy and progressive environment. 

If you are  considering moving into pony ownership, this amazing opportunity for you or your child to experience the magic of pony ownership.


Click here to view the ownership experince form.

Click here to view the loan agreement form.