Grove House Stables Equine Friends programme.


Grove House Stables Equestrian Centre has been providing equestrian opportunities for 30 years.  Grove House Stables LLP and I-Pegasus CIC have a wonderful team of experienced “been there, seen it, done it” horses.  These horses cater for a range of different abilities and will be used for training and developing individuals recreational and professional skills, such as the British Horse Society Stages or Challenge Awards. They are offered first class facilities 24/7 with professional care.

What type of horses are we looking for?

·         People friendly

·         Can be ridden safely and effectively off the lead rein.

·         Horses should be able to walk, trot, canter, and jump. They also have some knowledge of lateral work or more advanced flatwork or jumping for horses for exams and specialist training.

·         Good to catch.

·         Must be vice free, that means they must not: buck, bolt, rear, nap, shy, bite or kick.  However, we do not mind if the crib, windsuck or box walks.

·         Age does not matter – just needs to be sound enough to happily carry out the activities required.

·         We are looking to either purchase, loan or working livery horses depending on their and their owners needs.

What will they be doing?

1.       Our horses work in a highly supervised, happy environment, their working hours are very short and carefully regulated to suit the individual horse’s ability and temperament.

2.       The horse’s primary task is to introduce our beginner riders the joys of handling and bonding with a horse in a calm, safe setting for them both and most importantly to give the child a confident start to the world of ponies. Also, to enhance the ability or riders that have been riding for some time.

What do we offer with the equine friends programme?

Exactly what it says, a brilliant secure and loving home for the rest of their days.  We have several aged horses (20+) still thoroughly enjoying and active life, with daily hugs and kisses from enthusiastic youngster and our team of knowledgeable staff!  Their health and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us and all our horses receive the same high standard of care regardless of age or status

 For a private informal conversation please ring Andrew on 07944470830.